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Guruvayurappan idol for home decor pooja room

2200 4400 50%off

kathakali face for car hanging decor & showpices idol

400 1000 60%off

lord krishna statue

9300 15000 38%off

Holy Family Statue for Home decor Catholic God

1900 3200 41%off

lord krishna murti

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shri krishna murti

5170 10340 50%off

Krishna Idols

krishna statue online for pooja room & home decor

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Krishna sculpture

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Krishna Murti online

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Krishna Murti at home

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lord krishna beautiful statue

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Best krishna statue

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krishna statue for sale home decor & for pooja room

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krishna bhagwan statue

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Angel Statues Online

small angel statue for Home Decor and Showpiece item

350 500 30%off

Angel sculpture. Height=19c.m

400 700 43%off

Angel Statue online for Living Room in Home décor

400 700 43%off

Kathakali idols

Kathakali Face Online

3800 9800 61%off

Dancing kathakali krishnanattam doll for home decor

2450 3500 30%off

Dancing kathakali doll for home showpiece

2450 3500 30%off

kathakali face for car hanging decor & showpices idol

400 1000 60%off

Kathakali Face For Wall Hanging made in fiber 46cm height.

1600 3000 47%off

kathakali face wall hanging decro made in fiber 32cm height

1400 2500 44%off

kathakali krishnanattam doll decor made in fiber 30cm height

1140 1600 29%off

Kathakali Face of Handicrafts made in fiber 38cm height

1500 2800 46%off

Polymarble powder hindu Gods

Hanuman Statue

390 500 22%off

antique Krishna idol

200 370 46%off

Radha krishna Statue

450 1500 70%off

Antique Krishna Dancing on kaliya Naag

320 550 42%off

Guruvayurappan statues antique copper

390 500 22%off

little Krishna idol on leaf

200 400 50%off

Ganesh idol for home decor Antique statue

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Little Krishna idols online

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religious idols

Mother Mary Statue Online for home altar and home decor idols

650 1000 35%off

Maria Rosa Mystica statue

1700 3000 43%off

small angel statue for Home Decor and Showpiece item

350 500 30%off

Crib/ Nativity Set for Christmas-5 Inch -4 piece

500 1000 50%off

Crib/ Nativity Set for Christmas -5 Inch -3 piece

400 1000 60%off

Nativity/ Crib Set for Christmas -8 Inch -3 piece

750 1000 25%off

Nativity cribs for Christmas 8 inch -4 piece

999 2000 50%off

Christmas Nativity/Crib Set-8 Inch -12 piece

2800 5500 49%off

Statue of birds, wedding gifts

Twin swans idol showpiece for home decoration

2500 3000 17%off

Twin swans Statue Decorative Items for Home Decor.

1200 1800 33%off

wooden designed swan birds idol for home decor. Height=36c.m

1600 2300 30%off

Love birds idol Showpiece Statue for Home Decor.

1050 1400 25%off


Idolmaker Buddha Statue in Meditation Pose home decoration

549 1600 66%off

Buddha idol in meditating pose made up of fiber

599 1600 63%off

Gautama budha statue for home decorative showpiece .

599 1600 63%off

Lord Buddha Statue for home decorative showpiece.

549 1400 61%off

Lord Gautam Buddha Statue for home decorative showpiece .

349 800 56%off


Nettipattam for home decor and wall hanging item

600 1000 40%off

nettipattam wall hanging & home decor

1200 2000 40%off

Nettipattam online for home decor & wall hanging traditional nettipattam

1600 3000 47%off

Nettipattam 3.75Feet

6500 8000 19%off

Traditional nettipattam 3Feet

4500 6000 25%off

Nettipattam 2.75Feet

3500 4800 27%off

Nettipattam 2Feet

2500 3800 34%off

At Idolmaker is a highly reputed brand of AG Gifts, Firstly we offer handcrafted Kathakali, Krishna, and other Gods & Goddesses idols. Besides Hindu idols, we also offer catholic and other gift items. Therefore, we have different categories. You can explore from our homepage.


Our handcrafted fiber idols are made from fiber molds. Similarly Our resin idols are made from silicone molds. We also incorporate poly marble powder and leave an unfinished touch to add a natural texture to them.

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About us

idol maker™ is a highly reputed brand of A.G GIFTS that has been manufacturing beautiful statues and idols of gods and goddesses.The Chavarttil family has been leading the business for more than two decades with a great blessings from Janaki Krishnan Chavarttil and taking it towards since 2000. Now other family members are running the business and taking it towards prosperity.

What We Offer


  • Free home delivery.
  • Each idol is unique.
  • Cash on delivery also available.
  • Special offers to B2B customers.
  • Customised design for corporate.
  • Face creation by artist Mrs Anila ji .
  • Idol color:Blue, multicolor, ivory,black,white.
  • Made of poly-resin or  glass fiber and polyresin only.
  • Handmade, hand–decorated with colorful stones, chains .
  • Suitable for  pooja room/Home decor/Home altar/Birthday gifts/Wall hanging
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