Idol maker is the brand name of A.G.GIFTS has been adorning the houses of our patrons all over India for many years. If it comes to getting our shipments to your home.We don’t take any risks and just deal with the finest.  All orders made on our website – are subject to the following Returns and Refunds Policy. By making a purchase on our website with one or more products, you are committing to our Returns and Refunds Policy.

1.     What is the policy on cancellations?

If you wish to cancel your order request, the product(s) in your order will be cancelled automatically. We would not be allowed to cancel your order once it has been delivered.

2.     The Returns and Refunds Policy of AG Gifts

Idolmaker represents Customer Satisfaction as a brand. However If you are not delighted with our product, you may return it within 10 days of receiving it. If you obtained the product in good shape, you might return it during the appropriate return period.

The customer may apply a return request by email – within the next 10 days.

After that Refunds for prepaid shipments will be given to the same account. Refunds will then be processed in 4-7 business days.

In the case of COD (Cash on Delivery), the customer must give his banking information. COD refunds can be expressed in 10-12 business days after the banking information has been exchanged.

3.     Where does the return clause come into play?

Returns with no questions asked. We are concerned about our customers, so please let us know if you aren’t happy.

Despite our best efforts to ensure that our shipment is delivered to you in the proper and safe way, things emerge which are beyond our reach. The path to your doorstep may not be in our control, no matter how safely a sculpture or item is packed, therefore your support is essential here.

Do not delay unboxing your shipment for a more auspicious moment. When there is some damage, an insurance claim must be filed, and thus the timing is vital.

Please take pictures of the damage with your mobile or camera if feasible.

In the unfortunate case that a shipment is damaged, AG Gifts will guarantee that you get a full refund or replacement as long as the above-described insurance claim processes are completed.

1.     When and how will I receive my refund?

When we get your return, we will provide a refund. The refund delivery timelines are as follows:

Method of Refund:

Refund Time Duration:

5-7 Business Days for Net Banking

Refunds for cash payment orders will be made via your bank account.