Shipping Policy

Idol maker – Shipping Policy: We choose to ship the product throughout the domestic market using reputable courier companies based on their reliability . We transport Idols by train, bus, or loading truck. Products delivery usually takes 3 to 4 business days from the time of the order

Delivery Services

Idol maker – Shipping Policy :Our goal is to provide our buyers with on-time delivery to their desired location at their convenience. We have variety of ways to deliver our products .We provide free shipping in india on all our products from 20-6-2021 to 20-6-2022

1.      What is the anticipated time of delivery?

Idol maker – Shipping Policy :Stock supply, geographic location of the product in stock, shipment destination, as well as courier partner’s period to your location determine delivery times.

2.      What is the cost of delivery?

Idol maker – Shipping Policy :The cost of delivery varies depending on the product you’re buying.

Low-value products have higher shipping prices than higher-value products. In these situations, levying a small delivery fee will further cover transportation expenses. Please review your order details to see how much each product would cost in shipping.

3.      What arises if I am unavailable at the time of delivery?

Idol maker – Shipping Policy :Your order would be post to the address you gave to us for delivery. If you absent when the courier partner arrives, They make two delivery attempts on subsequent days.

4.      Where will the products be delivered?

Idol maker – Shipping Policy :The courier partner will attempt to deliver between the hours of 9:00 and 18:00. Staying at home for such a long period of time, particularly on working days, can be difficult. If you are unable to be present at a certain time, see if someone else will receive the order on your behalf at the pickup location.

5.      How would I be informed of the progress of my order?

Idol maker – Shipping Policy :We will keep you updated at various stages of your order’s progression if you have effectively placed an order with us.

We will keep you updated at various stages of your order’s progression if you have effectively placed an order with us. You will get an email or a text message, when your order placed correctly. We’ll even notify you as shortly as the provider ships the product(s) to you , together with your shipment’s tracking number(s).

We have the highest packaging quality and deliver all of our products within highly standardized Carton Boxes. We guarantee that your products are not damage during handling and replace the product if any damage in transportation occur. If you have any more query, you can mail us your queries at or or we will be more than happy to help you out!

7.      What should I do if my package has been marked as shipped, but I am unable to find it?

Idol maker – Shipping Policy :Unless your tracking information indicates that your shipment was shipped, and you’re unable to find it, follow these steps:

Please contact Customer Service if you still can’t find your product. Also, please note that we will only facilitate you if you e-mail us in 7 days of your order being label as delivered.

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