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A kathakali idol for home showpiece made in fiber 46cm height

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1 × Dancing kathakali doll for home showpiece

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1600 Inclusive of GST
1600 Inclusive of GST


The festival season as you visit your relatives and friends. use this statue as an amazing gift for your loved ones. It will serve as an amazing gift item. Kathakali idol is the traditional dane form of keralila. Just like the students devote 12 plus years to learn this graceful dance form. Similarly ,our creative artisans carve out these beautiful idols with atmost precision and vigilance. Our product kathakali statue of  is made out of fiber and poly resin. Fully decked up in gorgeous attires, these statues easily become the center of attraction.

Kathakali doll for home decoration made in resin and fiber 46 cm height Kathakali handicraft statue show piece with red velvet, white cloth and decorated with ormaments for home decor .Hand crafted figurine doll made by talented artists from Kerala and Odisha.View and share  to your friends and relatives.
Dimensions are length 20 cm by width 21cm by height 46 cm. You can gift it to your loved ones as a house warming, mother’s day ,parent’s day, wedding.

VARIANT – kathakali idol

Above all dimensions of the height of 1.5 feet statue is 46cm. Length is20 cm.Width is 21 cm  .Average weight of statue is 900 grams.

To clarify  colors of  this murti is multicolour.It is considered a wish granting symbol. Place anywhere in house or workplace for Health, Wealth and Prosperity. This beautiful statue  created by craftsmen in Kerala and odisha , the lovely statue brings goodness and benevolence to your home and your world


Meanwhile I’m going to discuss a few recomends. Firstly cleaning off the dust that gets on the statue. Secondly take a clean cloth,  cotton. Thirdly moisten it and wipe the dust off the idol. This way you can keep this statue for a long time.

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