1. How can I make a payment for a purchase?

Firstly, we accept a variety of payment options. Secondly, If you want to pay online,we assure that our reputable online payment partners just use secure encryption technologies to protect your personal information. However we provoide cash on delivery.

In conclusion,to make your order, you can use Internet Banking or Cash on Delivery. We consider Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, & American Express Credit/Debit Cards.

2. When I check out, I’m charged GST. So, what is GST?

GST is a single tax that includes all other taxes such as VAT, Excise, and Entry Tax. All prices included with GST.We cannot charge seperate GST.

3. How is the GST rate determined?

All prices included with GST.we assesse the right GST number from based on the product category: Minimum 0% and Maximum 28% .

4. Would the GST amount paid to be refunded whenever I return/cancel the ordered product?

Yes, we will return the entire sum according to our Returns & Refunds Policy, to the original account.

If you’ve any queries, please find us on www.idolmaker.in. All rights idolmaker preserved ; thus,can changes to our policies made at any time, and that too without prior notice. For any changes, please regularly review our policy. Thank you.