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Krishna Idol

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 Krishna Idol

Welcome to .  Are you looking for a beautiful Krishna Idol?  Then you are in the correct place. We, are the famous Krishna idol makers in India. We have varieties of Krishna idols. Mainly they are decorating Pooja mandirs or homes.

The purpose of Krishna Idol is:

  • Worship: The purpose of Krishna Idols are to worship in Hindu temples. Devotees will offer prayers and pujas to the statue, and they may also ask for Krishna’s blessings.
  • Decoration: Krishna idols are decorative pieces in homes and gardens. Moreover, they can add a touch of beauty and spirituality to any space.
  • Gift giving: Krishna statues are the perfect gift for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and housewarming. They are a way to show the recipient one’s love and devotion to Krishna.
  • Meditation: Krishna idols can also use as a focus for meditation. When meditating on a Krishna statue, devotees can focus on the god’s qualities, such as his love, compassion, and strength.

FEATURES OF Krishna Idol

This beautiful Krishna idol is a perfect addition to any home or temple. The material used for this idol is high-quality fiber. And it is hand-painted in vibrant colors. It measures 41cm in height, 11cm in width, and 12cm in length. Available colors of the  1.5 feet Krishna idol for pooja are white, blue, ivory, and black. The weight of the statue is 900 grams. If you place these Krishna statues anywhere in the house or workplace it will bring Health, Wealth and Prosperity. These beautiful statues are created by craftsmen in Kerala and Odisha, the lovely statue brings goodness and benevolence to your home and your world.

This idol is a great way to bring the blessings of Krishna into your home. Moreover, It is also a wonderful gift for any Hindu devotee.


Meanwhile, I’m going to discuss a few recommendations. Firstly cleaning off the dust that gets on the statue. Secondly take a clean cloth,  cotton. Thirdly moisten it and wipe the dust off the idol. This way you can keep this statue for a long time.

If you have any more queries, you can send a mail to we will be more than happy to help you out!


In addition, we provide three months guarantee for this idol for color. Please Visit

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