1. What are the different types of idols idolmaker.in offers?

Firstly we offer handcrafted Kathakali, Krishna, and other Gods & Goddesses idols. Besides Hindu idols, we also offer catholic and other gift items. Therefore, we have different categories. You can explore from our homepage. Visit https://idolmaker.in/

Do you offer customised idols?

Yes, we take orders for customised idols . Above all, You can contact us via phone/mail to share your requirement in brief. Visit https://idolmaker.in/re-work-of-your-idol/

What are the materials used for making the idols?

Our handcrafted fiber idols are made from fiber molds. Similarly Our resin idols are made from silicone molds. We also incorporate poly marble powder and leave an unfinished touch to add a natural texture to them. Fiber idols are made of resin and fiber.

Do you offer home delivery?

Yes, we have a free home delivery system available for our customers from our production house.Please refer https://idolmaker.in/shipping-policy/.

What is the different payment option available?

We offer all the payment options. You can pay us online or through debit and credit cards.In addition We also offer Cash on Delivery (COD) Refer .https://idolmaker.in/payments/

What is the Return & Refund Policy of idol maker.in?

We have a refund policy of returning the product within 30 days of receiving it. Visit https://idolmaker.in/returns-refunds/

What types of idols will be a good gift for a Hindu friend?

We have a host range of idols based on Hindu Gods and Goddesses. We would recommend you to gift your friend the Krishna Idol. There are several types of idols available of different price range to suit your purse. Refer Firstly https://idolmaker.in/product-category/krishna-idols/. Secondly https://idolmaker.in/product-category/polymarble-powder-hindu-gods/

What type of gifts can I present to my love?

Above all idolmaker.in have a separate section of wedding gifts. You can check out our exclusive section and choose from the completely new range of wedding gifts. We also offer lovebirds idols made of polyresin and poly marble, perfect for any couple. Visit https://idolmaker.in/product-category/statue-of-birds-wedding-gifts/

What will be the height of the Buddha Idols?

We have a separate section for Buddha idols. More over height ranging from 20-30 cm. Therefore You can present your loved ones with these pristine idols that will add to the prosperity and blessings in your home. Referhttps://idolmaker.in/product-category/buddha-2/

Are your idols breakable?

Yes,how ever all the polyresin, polymarble, and other fibre idols are breakable if mishandled or dropped from a height. But we take good care of the manufacturing quality of our products. So, they are tough and durable to an extent.

In conclusion if you have any more query, you can mail us your queries at info@idolmaker.in. We will be more than happy to help you out!